University Vice Presidency for Women’s Campus

Counseling Forum for the Preparatory Year

Under patronage of the vice president of the women’s campus, Prof. Hana Alnuaim, the Deanship of Student Affairs of the preparatory  year in cooperation with the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education set up a university counseling forum for female students for the preparatory year for the academic year (1441/1442) via (blackboard), Monday to Thursday (12-15 / 1/1442 AH),

The program aims to prepare new students and ensure their psychological, intellectual, and social readiness to start the university life, and to help them adapt and integrate into the academic community and the changes regured of all of us during the Covid-19 pandemic ,

The program included a series of introductory and informational meetings for a number of leaders at the university over a period of 4 consecutive days.

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Last Update 9/3/2020 11:29:27 AM